Five Products to Help You Reduce Waste!

I am always looking for ways to reduce my personal waste.  I have a background in environmental science, am an unashamed tree hugger, and am always looking out for new ways to help Mother Earth.  Many, many of these habits also come with the byproduct healthier living and saving money!  Win-win for all, I’d say!

Here are five products that ultimately help reduce waste:

Stainless Steel Lunchbox

I love these little containers for lunch! They have several different compartments that let you keep your lunch components separate.  They are durable, look nice, and easy to clean!  Bonus:  I also tend to eat better when I bring my own lunch.

Canvas Grocery Bags

These are such an easy way to reduce a ton of waste.  In fact, in Boulder, you are charged money for each bag you use.  There are so many on the market that you can find ones that match any style or pick one up as a souvenir next time you are on vacation.  I find that these hold so much more than disposable bags which allows me to fit my weekly grocery trip into one or two bags (great for us that have to haul our groceries up flights of stairs!). Bonus:  stores will usually give you a credit for each reusable bag you bring.

Net Bags

In the same vein as grocery bags, I like these little reusable bags to take to the farmers market.  They are so adorably cute and I love seeing the array of colorful produce through the netting.  These are incredibly durable and hold more than you might think.  Bonus: these pack down to a tiny compact size so you can easy throw one in your purse when you are on the go!

Reusable Water Bottle

I’ve gotten so used to bringing my water bottle everywhere that I was shocked when I really took the time to look around and saw so many plastic water bottles around.  This is an easy way to massively reduce a ton of waste (imagine having a new bottle to dispose of each time you refill your bottle!). Bonus:  having a bottle with me at all times reminds me to stay hydrated!

Travel Coffee Mug

Having a reusable travel coffee mug has become such a staple in my morning routine.  The smart spill-proof design allows me to take it on the go and the heat retention keeps my coffee warm all throughout the morning!  Bonus:  this has saved me SO much money as I no longer feel the need to drop $4-$5 at a coffee shop every morning.

Let me know what your favorite waste reduction habits are in the comments below.  I plan on diving into green habits and environmentally conscious living a lot more in the future!


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